• Invincible


    2019 year 92 min 0.0 IMDB
    Michael Paré, Johnny Strong, Vladimir Kulich, Sally Kirkland
    Colonel John Taylor enlists billionaire inventor Leor Teska to fund a secret black site, testing Teska's new nano technology for military applications, developed by sci...
  • Murder by Decree

    Murder by Decree

    1979 year 124 min min 6.9 IMDB
    Christopher Plummer, James Mason, David Hemmings, Susan Clark
    Sherlock Holmes investigates the murders commited by Jack the Ripper and discovers a conspiracy to protect the killer.
  • Britannia Hospital

    Britannia Hospital

    1982 year 111 min min 6.3 IMDB
    Leonard Rossiter, Brian Pettifer, John Moffatt, Fulton Mackay
    Britannia Hospital is not preparing for a visit from Queen Elizabeth I, who died in 1603. The visitor is a fictional representation of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
  • The Portuguese Falcon

    The Portuguese Falcon

    2015 year 106 min min 7.1 IMDB
    Gonçalo Waddington, David Chan Cordeiro, José Pinto, Miguel Guilherme
    Follows Portugal's first fascist superhero: the ultra patriotic Captain Falcon!
  • The Missing

    The Missing

    2003 year 137 min min 6.5 IMDB
    Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood, Jenna Boyd
    In 1885 New Mexico, a frontier medicine woman forms an uneasy alliance with her estranged father when her daughter is kidnapped by an Apache brujo.
  • Shark School

    Shark School

    2019 year 60 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Marjorie Boher, Paul Bort, Stuart Cobbler, Daniel Corso
    Two young fish, love to attend fish school each and every day! They learn along with their beloved teacher, who shows them the way! Fish School is fun and educational e...
  • You'll Never Be Alone

    You'll Never Be Alone

    2016 year 81 min min 6.1 IMDB
    Sergio Hernández, Andrew Bargsted, Jaime Leiva, Roberto Cayuqueo
    When his cross-dressing teenage son suffers a brutally violent attack, a mannequin-factory manager desperately seeks help and, when none can be found, is forced to take...
  • Miles


    2016 year 90 min min 5.7 IMDB
    Tim Boardman, Molly Shannon, Stephen Root, Will Erat
    A kid from middle America, desperate to move to Chicago, joins the volleyball team to get a scholarship - the only catch is that his high school only has a girls team.
  • Desperados


    2020 year 105 min min 5.4 IMDB
    Robbie Amell, Heather Graham, Nasim Pedrad, Anna Camp
    A panicked young woman, with her reluctant friends in tow, rushes to Mexico to try and delete a ranting email she sent to her new boyfriend.
  • The Reluctant Debutante

    The Reluctant Debutante

    1958 year 94 min min 6.9 IMDB
    Rex Harrison, Kay Kendall, John Saxon, Sandra Dee
    A teenage American girl while visiting her father, is thrown into London society during the "Debutante Season".
  • Alone Wolf

    Alone Wolf

    2020 year N/A min 5.5 IMDB
    Cara Gee, Richard de Klerk, Lisa Roumain, James Aaron Oliver
    After witnessing a woman's boyfriend commit murder outside his home, Jonathan, a man who lives so alone that he hasn't left his house in two years, is drawn out into th...
  • Vic the Viking and the Magic Sword

    Vic the Viking and the Magic Sword

    2019 year 77 min min 4.8 IMDB
    Tim Bentinck, Dietmar Bär, Konrad Bösherz, John Chancer
    Vic is a young Viking like no other: not very strong but very clever. When his father, Halvar, the village chief, steals from his sworn enemy a magic sword that turns e...
  • The Sasquatch Gang

    The Sasquatch Gang

    2006 year 86 min min 6.3 IMDB
    Justin Long, Jeremy Sumpter, Addie Land, Joey Kern
    Young fantasy and science fiction aficionado Gavin Gore and his friends stumble onto some huge footprints in the woods. A local cop, reporter, and a renowned Sasquatch ...
  • Money Plane

    Money Plane

    2020 year N/A min 0.0 IMDB
    Adam Copeland, Kelsey Grammer, Thomas Jane, Denise Richards
    A professional thief with $40 million in debt and his family's life on the line must commit one final heist - rob a futuristic airborne casino filled with the world's m...
  • Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter

    2012 year 127 min min 6.4 IMDB
    Yôsuke Kubozuka, Erika Sawajiri, Lily Franky, Kiko Mizuhara
    Top star Lilico undergoes multiple cosmetic surgeries to her entire body. As her surgeries show side effect, Lilico makes the lives of those around her miserable as she...
  • The Outpost

    The Outpost

    2020 year 123 min 5.8 IMDB
    Orlando Bloom, Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, Milo Gibson
    A small team of U.S. soldiers battle against hundreds of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
  • Hamilton


    2020 year 160 min 9.2 IMDB
    Lin-Manuel Miranda, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr.
    The real life of one of America's foremost founding fathers and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Filmed live on Broadway from the Richard Rodgers Th...
  • Manhunt


    2008 year 78 min min 5.1 IMDB
    Henriette Bruusgaard, Jørn Bjørn Fuller Gee, Lasse Valdal, Nini Bull Robsahm
    The summer of 1974, four young people are all ambushed and left unconscious. They wake up deep in the woods with no one around but the sound of a hunting horn.
  • Normandy Is My Name

    Normandy Is My Name

    2015 year 97 min min 8.3 IMDB
    Christie Courville, Melissa Steele, Doug Dowell, Nehemiah Deason
    Five teens are forced into a thirty day digital detox. No cell phones, electronics, internet or video games. Their lives will forever be changed.
  • Melany Rose

    Melany Rose

    2020 year 69 min 3.2 IMDB
    Dawn Hamil, Steven Marlow, Joseph Bishop, Philip Edward McFarlin
    After the tragic death of one of her patients, Dr. Sullivan takes an assignment working for the enigmatic Dr. Freeman at his secret military facility known only as 'The...
  • The Skywalker Legacy

    The Skywalker Legacy

    2020 year 126 min min 7.5 IMDB
    J.J. Abrams, Naomi Ackie, John Boyega, Anthony Daniels
    The Making of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (2019).
  • One Man and His Shoes

    One Man and His Shoes

    2020 year N/A min 7.3 IMDB
    David Stern, Jemele Hill, David Falk, Rick Telander
    'One Man and His Shoes' tells the story of the phenomenon of Air Jordan sneakers showing their social, cultural and racial significance and how ground-breaking marketin...
  • Silhouette


    2019 year 114 min 7.4 IMDB
    April Hartman, Tom Zembrod, Jessica Dawn Willis, Savannah Solsbery
    Silhouette is the story of Jack and Amanda Harms who, after the passing of their young daughter, set out into seclusion to begin their lives anew. Quickly upon their ar...
  • The Cameraman

    The Cameraman

    1928 year 76 min min 8.1 IMDB
    Buster Keaton, Marceline Day, Harold Goodwin, Sidney Bracey
    Hopelessly in love with a woman working at MGM Studios, a clumsy man attempts to become a motion picture cameraman to be close to the object of his desire.
  • All Night Long

    All Night Long

    1981 year 87 min min 5.6 IMDB
    Gene Hackman, Barbra Streisand, Diane Ladd, Dennis Quaid
    A drummer plants doubts into the mind of a bandleader about his wife's faithfulness in an attempt to take over the band himself.
  • A Taxing Woman

    A Taxing Woman

    1987 year 127 min min 7.3 IMDB
    Nobuko Miyamoto, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Masahiko Tsugawa, Yasuo Daichi
    If tax evasion is an art, wheeler-dealer Hideki Gondo is Rembrandt. And so, a determined taxing woman gets the tough assignment of trying to catch him.
  • Dead Stop

    Dead Stop

    2011 year 82 min min 5.5 IMDB
    Cathy Baron, Jon Briddell, Erin Campbell, Sarah Flannery
    The desert can be an unforgiving place. By day, the temperatures soar past the century mark, hot enough to drop a man in his tracks, and by night they plummet low enoug...
  • Artists and Models

    Artists and Models

    1955 year 109 min min 6.6 IMDB
    Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Shirley MacLaine, Dorothy Malone
    Rick Todd uses the dreams of his roommate Eugene as the basis for a successful comic book.
  • Beautiful Girl

    Beautiful Girl

    2014 year 90 min min 4.6 IMDB
    Brendan Sexton III, Diora Baird, Matthew Gray Gubler, Stevie Long
    Odessa is a beautiful girl addicted to the attention and money as an adult film star. William, a lonely mechanic, has a crush on her, and she indulges his fantasy and l...
  • Spiritual Love

    Spiritual Love

    1987 year 88 min min 6.1 IMDB
    Yun-Fat Chow, Cherie Chung, Deannie Yip, Siu-Fung Wong
    A small-time triad member, played by Chow Yun-Fat, discovers a letter from an antique desk written by a young girl, played by Cherie Chung, who died from an illness yea...